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DMNT During Covid-19: A Care Continuum Panel Discussion

August 6, 2020

Jackie Wilkinson RD, CDCES, CD; Therezia AlChoufete MS, RD, LDN; Rya Clark RDN, LD, CNSC; and Shelley Wood MPH, RDN

Moderator: Michelle Elkadi

This webinar will feature perspectives and insights from four DMNT RDNs working with COVID-19 in inpatient and outpatient, acute and post-acute care environments. The panel will discuss the current and future climate of providing medical nutrition therapy and will answer questions from members.

This webinar is eligible for 1.5 hour CPEU until 8/6/2023 under activity 175

Racial Justice Unpacked: Nutrition Education as a Racial Issue

Nikki Akparewa RN, MSN/MPH

This Webinar is eligible for 1 hour of CPE until 9/25/2020 under activity 175

The Role of Diet in IBD & Athletes in the Management of Exercise-Induced Gastrointestinal Syndrome

Thank you to Monash University for providing the following webinar. The webinar recording and slides are available to both DMNT members and non-members. 

Monash University is dedicated to supporting dietitians, and other health professionals to treat people with IBS with the Low FODMAP Diet. 

Visit their website to find various resources including:

This Webinar is eligible for 1 hour of CPE until 5/29/2022 under activity 175.

About the Speakers

Emma Halmos is a PhD, Registered Nutritionist and works as a research dietitian at Monash University. Dr. Halmos has active interests both clinically and academically in the role of diet in managing gastrointestinal diseases. She has designed and executed many rigorous dietary intervention studies, most notable was the feeding study that demonstrated the low FODMAP diet was efficacious in patients with IBS. Her work has also spanned diet in IBD and enteral nutrition, and was invited author on a review of dietary management of IBD in the prestigious Nature Reviews Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

Stephanie Gaskell is a PhD candidate, and Accredited Sports Dietitian (Advanced), in the Department of Nutrition Dietetics & Food at Monash University, Australia. Her research to date includes a focus on the impact of endurance exercise (with and without heat-stress) on gastrointestinal health including prevention and management strategies. She has consulted to a variety of athletes, including recreational, Paralympians and Olympic level athletes. 


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The CF Gut & Friends

February 9, 2023

Kay Vavrina MPA, RD, LD, CNSC

Chronic inflammation of the lower intestine and microbiota disturbances are common in patients with cystic
fibrosis. Kay Vavrina MPA, RD, LD, CNSC explore the causes and consequences of the inflammation and its
effect on the gut microbiota. Kay will also discuss how CFTR modulators and food choices change the integrity of the microbiota.

This webinar is eligible for 1 hour CPEU. 

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Recognizing Conditioned Food Sensitivity in Your Practice

August 4, 2021

Wendy Busse MSc, RD

Conditioning plays a role in every food sensitivity reaction. The impact can range from minimal to debilitating. Join Wendy Busse as she brings her twenty-five years of experience specializing in food sensitivity to explore this essential topic. You will learn how clients get stuck in the Food Avoidance & Sensitivity Trap and develop conditioned food sensitivity. Wendy will show you seven strategies that you can easily incorporate into your practice to help clients break out of this trap and minimize conditioned food sensitivity.

This webinar is eligible for 1 hour CPEU until August 4, 2024 under activity 175

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Best Practiced in Diet Therapy in Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorders

May 26, 2021

Nikki Akparewa RN, MSN/MPH

Treatment of Eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders (EGID) is evolving. Our speakers will provide a Historical look at medical nutrition therapy for treatment of EGID as well as discuss updated treatment recommendations including how to organize data on the risk of cross contamination and its influence on outcomes of MNT for EGIDs. We will discuss the role of the RDN in the nutritionally driven, evidence-based treatment options and review tools to help clients improve lifestyle, diet diversity and ultimately improved quality of life.

This webinar is eligible for 1 hour CPEU until 5/26/2024, under activity 175

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Telehealth: Expanding Access to Nutrition Services

April 29, 2021

Sponsored by the Nutrition Services Payment Committee of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Valerie Shurley, MBA, MS, RDN, CD

More and more RDNs in health care facilities and private practice are leveraging telehealth as means for providing MNT and other nutrition-related services. Learn about coverage, coding, and billing for services along with other tips for successful practice.

This webinar is eligible for 1 hour CPEU until 04/29/2024, under activity 175

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Teamwork in CF GI and Nutrition Care: Roles of the Gastroenterologist and Dietitian

March 19, 2021

Meghana Sathe, MD and Stacie A. Hunter, MCN, RD, CSP, LD

Teamwork can strengthen nutrition care in the CF clinic This webinar will explore the current state of GI-Nutrition Care in Multidisciplinary CF clinics. We will discuss how to develop a trusting partnership between Gastroenterologists and Dietitians that allows for collaborative care benefiting patients and families. We will present case studies that highlight this collaboration in challenging cases. We will also review research and quality improvement opportunities.

This webinar is eligible for 1 hour CPEU until 03/19/2024, under activity 175

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Hit the MNT Jackpot it is all about the Marketing

February 25, 2021

Keith Ayoob, EdD, RDN, FAND

If you think business planning and marketing are only relevant in private practice, think again! Learn how to show your value and expand your practice as well as maximize your reimbursement in a variety of practice settings, including a physician office, an outpatient hospital setting, or your own private practice.

This webinar is eligible for 1 hour CPEU until 2/25/2024, under activity 175 

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